The Dark Side of Our China Trade




This release contains photos of an aborted baby murdered under China's One-Child Policy. The Chinese government requires women to pay for their own forced abortions. If the woman cannot pay or refuses to pay, the corpse of her aborted child is placed next to her on the bed for her to dispose of. These photos are not dramatized and are intended only to be an accurate representation of the horrific violation of basic human rights ongoing in China.

Yesterday I represented the Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project at the 5th annual wreath laying ceremony to honor the 100 million victims of communism performed by diplomats from formerly communist countries (e.g. Hungary, Poland, Albania, Estonia etc.) and freedom-loving dissident representatives of currently communist countries (e.g. China, Vietnam, and North Korea).  

As I stood in the rain, I cried some tears as I listened to Reggie Littlejohn, Founder and President of Women's Rights Without Frontiers, who was instrumental in making known to the world the recent plight of blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng.  

Reggie Littlejohn, announced that just last week, during the seventh month of her pregnancy, Feng Jianmei, a young mother in Shanxi Province, joined millions of women victimized by China's One Child Policy, when she was forcibly dragged by Chinese officials into a hospital, forcibly aborted and left lying on a bloody hospital bed with the corpse of her aborted child laying in full view next to her exhausted and abused body.  Reggie reminded us that as we remember the estimated 100 million victims killed at the hands of people like Lenin, Stalin Pol Pot, Mao, and Kim Il Sung, we must not forget that more than 400 million children and their parents are victims of China's genocidal and effectively gendercidal One Child Policy.

This picture of Feng Jianmei is so horrific that some are now calling for a boycott on the purchase of  products imported from China until the China ceases its One Child Policy of forcible abortion and sterilization - the same policy the protest of which sent blind Chinese lawyer and dissident Chen Guangcheng to prison for seven years and house arrest for 4 years before he finally was permitted to leave China to study at New York University this month after fleeing his captors and seeking asylum in the U.S. Embassy in Beijing.

It is ironic to consider America's extensive sovereign efforts being made to boycott Iran (with whom the U.S. trades little) until Iran terminates its efforts to become a member of the Atom Bomb Club - which, while of terribly lethal concern, has not been nearly as lethal as China's One Child Policy (400 MM innocent children killed) by the country with whom America trades most.

Sadly, whatever economic pain and poverty may be imposed upon China by even a successful private boycott of Chinese imports, it is doubtful any economic boycott would stop the Chinese slaughter which, as Reggie told us yesterday, is primarily a tool of totalitarian control rather than merely a failed economic policy.   As we learned yesterday, democracy, however imperfect, has proven to be the only practical cure for totalitarian slaughter.

That said, while it might improve our more than $295 billion dollar annual trade imbalance with China, an economic boycott would likely only cause the Chinese to respond by demanding higher interest rates to continue buying our substantial $15.77 trillion dollars of sovereign debt (102% of current dollar GDP) of which China currently holds the largest percentage of 26%.

And so we see, as did William Wilberforce when he confronted the global slave trade, that we are implicated in this trade and must stop killing our own children in legal abortion and reduce our debt dependency upon China --the World's biggest abortionist-- if we can honestly hope to be heard as a truly moral force against China's One Child Policy.

Of course, I would have to boycott the use of this Microsoft keyboard upon which I just typed this note, but that would be a small price we all should be willing to pay to really stop the horrific genocidal practice that led to the forcible abortion at seven months of Feng Jainmei's baby in China's Shanxi Province last week.

Let us pray for Feng Jianmei -- and the millions of women like her -- that the injustice done to all of them would somehow be vindicated and this greatest of crimes against humanity in all of human history, particularly women and children, would end.  And let us also work against all odds to not only end this genocide in China, but also end our own still constitutionally protected "private enterprise" of doing the same thing---only supposedly on a voluntary basis, except for those us who are being forced to pay for such contraceptive abortions, sterilizations and related "counseling" against our good consciences in violation of our religious freedom by the Obama Administration's  HHS Mandate against which the Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project is also diligently working.

Thanks for standing with us in these public interest advocacy efforts.  

Sam Casey Managing Director and General Counsel

Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project