Aug. 28 2012 Newsletter

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Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project Has Been Busy Defending Life This Month

The Fight for Freedom of Conscience in Health Care Intensifies

Attorneys with the Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project (JC-LOLP) teamed up with the Thomas More Society last week to file suit in federal court in Chicago to protect an Illinois business founded and run by a devout Catholic family from having to pay for health insurance coverage for abortion and contraception as required by the federal government's Obamacare regulations (the HHS Mandate), as well as an equally unconstitutional Illinois law, that both unconstitutionally contravene their

sincerely held religious beliefs in violation of federal and state law.



The HHS Mandate forces employers to choose between not providing any insurance to their  employees or providing drugs and services which are in direct conflict with deeply held religious and moral beliefs regarding contraception and abortion. Only a small minority of those with sincere religious objections are covered by the supposed exceptions and accommodations for religious organizations.


On June 19, 2012, the Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Project attorneys submitted agency comments to the HHS detailing the violations of religious freedom and other illegalities of the HHS Mandate, but the Obama administration has shown no sign of instituting real accommodation for religious belief despite granting or at least promising to consider providing number of waivers to a variety of entities, none of which would apply to plaintiffs represented by


Following the Supreme Court's recent ruling upholding Obamacare under Congress' taxing power and the HHS's refusal to accommodate the deeply held religious concerns of employers and individuals, the need for those adversely affected to stand up and seek judicial protection is greater than ever.


Christopher and Mary Anne Yep, along with their family business, Triune Health Group, have joined those who are standing up and fighting for the right to run their businesses without disregarding and violating their convictions regarding paying for insurance coverage for contraception and abortion. Along with the Thomas More Society, the Jubilee Campaign's Law of Life Projected has filed suit on behalf of Triune Health Group and the Yeps. A press release with more information and the complaint, filed in district court, are both available at The Law of Life Project Website.


JC-LOLP Rises to the Defense of Life in Rwanda



JC-LOLP's General Counsel, Sam Casey (2nd from the right) , traveled to Rwanda last week to present JC-LOLP's recent report entitled International Pressure for Abortion in Africa: Kenya, Zambia, Morocco & Rwanda and urge Rwanda's interested church pastors and priests, its civil society leaders and its pro-life attorneys to join together to form a nation-wide pro-life movement based upon the San Jose Articles to protect their women and children who otherwise will be harmed or killed due to Rwanda's recent decision to ratify the "abortion on demand" provisions set forth in Article 14 of the Maputo Protocol, as well as liberalize its in abortion prohibitions, as set forth in Chapter III (Homicide), Section 5 (Crime of Abortion, Articles 162-168) of its recently revised Penal Code.


JC-LOLP, among other things, recommends in its report that, regardless of political or policy developments, in consultation with Heartbeat International, Human Life International or Life International, Rwandans must work to open a pregnancy resource center in Kigali that provides pre-natal counseling, pregnancy diagnosis including limited ultrasound examinations, and informs women about the health risks of all their options, including the induced abortions now permitted by Article 165 of the above-cited Penal Code. Except in the rarest and most extraordinary cases, there simply is no medical evidence that induced elective abortion should be deemed "health care" or that pregnancy is a "disease" to be remedied by its termination.  


It is also clear from the peer-reviewed ground-breaking study of Chile's outstanding reduction in its maternal mortality rate over the last 50 years that the legalization of abortion does not cause or correlate to a reduction in this rate, contrary to the misplace "estimates" made in the not peer-reviewed abortion industry supported study, co-authored by the Planned Parenthood's affiliated Guttmacher Institute, that Rwanda's government said it was relying upon to justify reducing its abortion prohibitions. JC-LOLP also recommended that Rwandans initiate a public education petition drive asking the petitioners to subscribe to the San Jose Articles and work to move Rwanda to adopt these Articles as a means of public education and a step towards the formation of an effective pro-life movement.


Please remember that without the prayers and contributions of donors like you our defense of life, both at home and abroad, would not be possible.