Informed Consent Malpractice

If you have been the victim of informed consent malpractice, call the lawyers at The Law of Life Project.

The Law of Life Project strongly believes that informed consent laws should be used and enforced to better regulate abortion. Any person or family facing the difficulties of unwanted pregnancy should have the full weight of legal protection for their right to know the medical risks and consequences of having an abortion including the extent to which modern medical science can clarify the status of the unborn as a fully functioning if utterly dependent human being.

At the cutting edge of "informed consent" litigation is the question of whether and to what extent the state may require an abortion provider to show and explain an ultrasound image of a pregnant woman's preborn child before she can elect to abort her pregnancy. As more fully explained in our January 21, 2011 press release, the Life Project's attorneys have intervened as legal counsel for American Victims of Abortion in defense of the state constitutionality Oklahoma's ultrasound law in a state court case called Nova Health Systems et al. v. Edmondson initiated by two of Oklahoma's three abortion providers.

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If you or someone you know has been the victim of informed consent malpractice please contact the Law of Life Project to discuss your legal options.