LOLP's new hire raises gendercide awareness at the Expert Group Meeting on the Prevention of Violence Towards Women and Girls

Amy in BangkokJubilee Campaign’s Law of Life Project’s new hire, Amy Pedagno, recently traveled to Bangkok,Thailand, to attend the Expert Group Meeting on the Prevention of Violence Towards Women and Girls, organized by U.N. Women in preparation for the 57th session of the Commission on the Status of Women (CSW), to be held in 2013 on the “Elimination and Prevention of all Forms of Violence against Women and Girls.” LOLP sent Amy, along with Canada Silent No More’s Denise Mountenay, to observe the conference and to raise awareness of forced abortions as a form of violence toward women and girls.

The United Nations and the non-governmental organizations invited to participate in the Expert Group Meeting are notoriously pro-abortion. By sending Amy and Denise to this conference, LOLP was able to provide a much needed pro-life perspective. Through individual discussions with various experts and other observers, Amy and Denise were able to spread the message that policies like China’s “One-Child Policy” lead to forced abortions and gendercide.

In outlining the purpose for the Expert Group Meeting, the U.N. states that violence against women and girls “is one of the most pervasive human rights violations in the world and should be prevented to ensure that women and girls lead healthy and productive lives and that their human rights are upheld.” The goal of the Law of Life Project is to demonstrate to the U.N. and the international community that abortion is one of the most extreme forms of human rights violations. Sadly, this is not a task that can be accomplished in just one visit to the U.N., but a continued pro-life presence at these meetings is integral to the process of changing hearts and laws worldwide.

Also while in Bangkok, Amy met with a representative of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees on behalf of Yanling Gou and her husband Yiliang Du. In order to assist the UNHCR in adjudicating Ms. Gou’s and Mr. Du’s case, LOLP attorneys prepared a brief outlining the relevant international law and demonstrating how forced abortion or forced sterilization constitutes persecution under the U.N. documents relating to the Status of Refugees as well as under the U.N. Convention Against Torture. Ms. Gou was a victim of forced abortion in China, and Law of Life Project recently filed a complaint on her behalf and on behalf of 16 other women with the CSW.

The Law of Life Project continues to work around the globe defending the right to life and dignity of the human being from biological conception until natural death. It is our hope that this trip to Bangkok will have a positive, pro-life impact on future endeavors undertaken by the U.N. in regards to women and children, and we eagerly await the results of the pending refugee case of Guo Yanling and her husband.