Amy Pedagno is LOLP's new staff attorney

Law of Life Project is delighted to announce that our newest hire, Amy Pedagno, recently received notification that she passed the Virginia Bar Exam.  Amy was sworn in to the courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia in the midst of Hurricane Sandy!  This news also marks her official transition from LOLP paralegal to staff attorney.  Congratulations, Amy!

* * * 

During the past month, Amy has worked on both LOLP’s international and domestic pro-life issues.  On the international front, Amy drafted a letter from LOLP to the Parliament of Uruguay, urging legislators not to pass a bill liberalizing their abortion laws.  Additionally, Amy is currently researching abortion laws within the African Union as part of an ongoing LOLP project.  On the domestic front, Amy has provided guidance on doctor’s obligations regarding abortion under various national and state laws, and has assisted other LOLP attorneys in drafting motions and briefs.


Since returning from the Expert Group Meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, last month, Amy has continued LOLP’s work on ending forced abortions in China.  Amy’s attendance at the EGM revealed a shocking, willful ignorance of this issue at the UN and among the most influential non-governmental organizations.  To help combat this ignorance, LOLP is taking a number of steps to make sure that women, especially in China, who are subjected to forced abortions will no longer be ignored by the international community.  Amy drafted a detailed memorandum about her trip to Thailand, documenting the pro-abortion bias evidenced by the NGOs in attendance at the meeting, which will be shared with other pro-life NGOs in preparation for future UN events.  


Additionally, Amy is preparing a written statement on behalf of LOLP on the issue of forced abortion for submission to the UN for the 57th Commission on the Status of Women, to be held in March in New York.  The Economic and Social Council has solicited comments on the theme of prevention and elimination of violence against women and girls.  JC-LOLP’s statement will demonstrate that forced abortion is one of the most extreme and barbaric forms of violence aimed towards both women and children.