New York

On Friday, September 14 oral arguments were held in the Second Circuit Appeal of the case of The Evergreen Assoc. et al v. The City of New York, in which LOLP has filed an amicus brief. This case concerns an ordinance which targets Pro-Life Pregnancy Resource Centers with government mandated speech designed to dissuade women from seeking their services. Our brief, found here details that, to the contrary of the claims of the City of New York and the biased reports on which the City relies, the information given to women by PRCs is not only true and backed by peer reviewed science but required disclosure in many states.

LOLP has sued the City of Austin and gone to trial defending Austin PRCs from a similar unconstitutional ordinance. The complaint in the case of Austin LifeCare et al v. The City of Austin is available here and relevant press releases are available here.


In another similar case the Jubilee Campaign’s Law of Life Project and the Alliance Defending Freedom again stood firmly behind the rights of City of Baltimore pregnancy resource centers to continue their life-saving work by filing a friend of the court brief, against unnecessary and unconstitutional requirements to post a government notice intended by friends of the abortion industry to deter women from receiving the valuable care and counsel PRCs have to offer that abortion clinics do not reliably provide.

Our brief can be read here

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