Abortion Malpractice

If you have been the victim of abortion malpractice, you can trust an experienced lawyer from our firm to provide you with the legal representation that you need. At The Law of Life Project, you can count on one of our knowledgeable, passionate attorneys to fight on your behalf. We are a well respected provider of legal services to entire pro-life community.

Even if an abortion was carried out with no physical complications, strong emotional repercussions can linger. This reality complicates the possible intersection of abortion and medical malpractice in the American legal system. There are however some cases where physical or extreme emotional damage to the patient can be proven to be a direct cause of inadequate medical care during the course of the procedure or in its aftermath.

The Law of Life Project believes that the prosecution of these cases is a vital effort in the cause of life. These cases present an avenue whereby a victim can speak to the public about their own experience, and the popular misconception of abortion as a clean, complication-free visit to a doctor's room can be examined based on the personal experiences of our clients.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of abortion malpractice please contact the Law of Life Project to discuss your legal options.