The Law of Life Project Team:


The Law of Life Project is a part of the Jubilee Campaign.

Ann Buwalda is our Executive Director and we receive further oversight from Jubilee Campaign's Board of Directors and International Board

Our Mission

The Law of Life Project is a public interest legal organization dedicated to legally defending the right to life and dignity of the human being from biological conception until natural death in all matters worldwide where such a defense is required.

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About Us

The Law of Life Project sees twelve major goals within the scope of our mission:

1. Establishing through lawful process the juridical existence of the human person from conception to natural death in all relevant jurisdictions

2. Advance, through legislative, administrative and legal case advocacy, the elements of social policy designed to constrain human subject experimentation within universally accepted principles governing experiments on human subjects – principles reflected in the Hippocratic Tradition (first, “do no harm”), the Nuremberg Code, the World Medical Association’s Declaration of Helsinki, the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, and many other statements. Accordingly, members of the human species who cannot give informed consent for research should not be the subjects of an experiment unless they personally may benefit from it or the experiment carries no significant risk of harming them.

3. Oppose “forced abortion” in all of its forms.

4. Using state “informed consent” and ultimately “prohibition” legislation, when prudent, to better regulate and ultimately end legal protection for so-called “elective abortion”, always excepting “medical abortions to save the life of the mother or where abortion can mitigate a serious risk of a substantial and irreversible impairment of the functioning of a major bodily organ or system of the pregnant woman should the pregnancy be continued and also excepting, only where politically necessary as an incremental step, abortions in the extremely rare cases (less than 2%) of reported rape or incest.

5. Regulate through False Claim Act investigation and litigation and ultimate end direct or indirect governmental funding of abortion.

6. Provide the legal and legislative advocacy support needed to defend the health care right of conscience in court and also enact model Health Care Right of Conscience legislation at both the federal and state levels as a necessary "opt-out" of mandated health care laws and treatment or research protocols for health care providers, with a private right of action for violations of such legislation.

7. Provide the legal and legislative advocacy support needed to defend the rights of biological mothers involved in surrogacy arrangements, including the state law enactment of model statute prohibiting surrogate mother contracts, prohibit enforcement of and establishing standards to award custody of children born as a result of such arrangements.

8. Provide legal support needed to defend pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) from false and politically-motivated private or governmental claims alleging the unauthorized practice of medicine, false advertising, or unfair business practices.

9. Provide legal support needed to assure that patient's right to receive care and compassion is not replaced by a doctor's right to prescribe poison or administer a lethal injection and to mobilize and guide the volunteer attorneys needed to defend disabled persons who lack the legal advocacy they need to protect their constitutional right to life, including nutrition and water, particularly in jurisdictions where “futility of care” laws or practices are denying patient’s life without due process of law.

10. Provide legal and public education support, in collaboration with other sponsoring organizations, for the International Tribunal on the Law of Life’s “Life on Trial” global communications project commencing in 2011-2012.

11. Develop an “Arm the Advocates for Life” training program that annually provides up to two “fellowships” for young attorneys to work at the LOLP supervising the training of up to two eight law students under the overall supervision of the LOLP’s Managing Director and General Counsel. The AAL in the 2012-2013 timeframe, will also include a continuing legal education (CLE) program for state and federal prosecutors to educate them on the laws and regulations protective of life that they have an obligation to investigate and enforce (e.g. medical clinic licensing laws and regulations covering out-patient surgical abortion).

12. Develop and maintain a LoLP website designed to provide public education and distribute legal resources through its Law of Life Project.